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Treatment Summary

Results Can Last6 Months+
Treatment Duration1Hr
Follow Up Appointment4 - 6 Weeks

* Information above should only be used as a approximate guideline

PRP Skin Rejuvenation Facelift

PRP facelift is my newest treatment and appears too many people, to be frightening as it may involve blood and pain’. Yes it does involve plasma (a component of blood) but is not painful, in fact similar to mesotherapy/dermal filler treatment. The term Dracula/Vampire treatment have been used to describe this treatment but it is a researched, medical treatment that has given wonderful benefits and cosmetic effects. 

Scientifically plasma is a golden fluid that is found within your blood supply and is enriched with nutrients, enzymes, and platelets that is our bodies natural repairers. If you happen to cut yourself then the platelets which are part of the body’s natural repair mechanism. i.e if you cut yourself the platelets will go immediately to that cut and so the clotting and healing process begin.  
This treatment has been used during World War 2 to repair and now within the Aesthetic world is excellent for a safe rejuvenation treatment that's works on it's own or in combination Dermal needling, Dermal Fillers , Hydration treatments such as LED Phototherapy and Mesotherapy cocktails .

Ask Jayne for further information and packages available. 

Treatment Process
A full medical and assessment is required 
Your blood is taken. The sample is then spun to separate the plasma from the red blood cells and is injected in small amounts under the skin. Suitable for face, neck, hands and dellocotage 
Immediately some swelling occurs that settles quickly. A small risk of bruising may occur  as with any injection technique treatments but does settle quickly. So it is important to plan your treatments.

The treated area returns to normal within a few days and the plasma begins to work under the skin but may take a few weeks to feel or see a difference. 
A majority of people may require 2 - 3 sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart. 
Price: One session £395
           Two sessions £595
           Three sessions £795

Introductory offer until end of October 2014 

Two sessions £545

Treatment result may vary from person to person.

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