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To order Alumier MD please use the code: 623W7ZF8 at:

It is with a heavy heart that I am deferring our opening and wish to apologise to you all.

All the patients with an appointment provisionally booked in, Jayne will be in contact to rearrange when can, hopefully from Monday July 27th, 2020.

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We also still offering advise and the following fantastic products:

Alumier is a medical grade skincare with active Ingredients that have an effect on the skin which can be ordered directly from Alumier using the code: 623W7ZF8 

I Recommend Clear and Brilliant with 8% lactic acid to gently remove dead skin cells and reduce congested skin .
Suitable for all skin types .
Use 2-3 times weekly gradually increasing to daily . Use one small pump to wipe over face and will tingle.

Forbes feet is a new range to pamper and delight your feet and is supplied by Protocol, please get in touch and I will pass along your order

Home visits just aren't worth the risk...

Experts have warned that unqualified beauticians would be unable to cope if a complication, such as an infection, arose from unsupervised home procedure.

Concerns have also been raised about practitioners who visit multiple homes in a day without personal protection equipment contracting and then spreading coronavirus onto others.

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We will be offering Half Price Facials or Skin Peels with purchases made via the options above - please keep proof of purchase.

Dependent on government guidelines we hope to be available as soon as safe and possible.

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Treatment Summary

Results Can Last6 - 7 Months
Treatment Duration1 Hr
Follow Up Appointment2 - 3 Weeks

* Information above should only be used as a approximate guideline

Excess Sweating

Excessive  Sweating (Hyperhidrosis), is a medical condition that can affect many parts of the body, mainly underarms, hands and feet. This can be very embarrassing and may have a major impact on our quality of life. 

There is a simple and effective treatment to reduce the sweat gland production that over a period of time slowly decreases the amount of sweat produced.  The sweat gland production is reduced by injecting minute amounts of Botulinum Toxin A  into the affected areas ,mainly armpits (axilla), hands and feet. The treatment may take up to 14 days to reduced the amount of sweat prodeced. Some may required a second treatment.  Once effective will reduce sweat production for up to 6 months, depending upon individual lifestyle..

Before a full medical consultation, outlining the  treatment process, possible side effects and aftercare are fully discussed  with Jayne before any course treatment may be  administered. Important to allow a few days inbetween consultation and treatment date. 


On day of treatment consent will be required and an 'iodine test ' will be performed to detect and assess the sweat production. Please wear darker loose clothing.  Your axilla will be cleansed and marked like a grid pattern. Then tiny injections of the medication is injected under the skin. This generally is not painful but may sting . May need up to 15-20 small injections. Afterward completed the skin is cleansed again . 

Post treatment

You may experience some  tingling in fingers and arms that subside within 24 hours. You may experience some flu-like symptoms for the first few days .

At the injection site may have some needle marks or bruising  that settle quickly. 

Please do NOT perate machinery or drive if whilst experiencing these symptoms  

During the treatment regime we do advise ladies not to become pregnant. 

May need a second treatment after 2-3 weeks 

Treatment result may vary from person to person.

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