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One of the most celebrated ingredients in medical-grade skincare is vitamin C, and for good reason.
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Treatment Summary

Results Can Last12 - 18 Months
Treatment Duration1 Hr
Follow Up Appointment4 -6 weeks

* Information above should only be used as a approximate guideline

Facial Volumising

Sculptra is a new type of facial volumiser that is an injectable that has been use for many years in the private and NHS clinics to improve facial lipodsytrophy (loss of facial adipose fat) with an extremely low reaction rate. Sculptra consists of poly-L- lactic acid a biocompatable, biodegradable synthetic material that has been used by medical doctors for decades, and was approved by FDA since 2004.   It helps to replace lost collagen by correcting shallow to deep facial wrinkles, improving facial cheekbones  and  folds that appear with the ageing process. or weight loss.

What is involved with Sculptra? 

At your initial consultation your skin laxity and volume loss will be assessed  to  discuss your treatment plan that will be required to achieve your natural looking  desired goals .  A course of Sculptra is usually required , with treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, with most patients requiring one vial of Sculptra per decade. With this, some patients may need up to 5-6 vials , so at your consultation all treatment appointments and costings will be discussed.   Each patient has an individual bespoke treatment plan to address all your concerns to create a fuller and smoother contour of the cheeks,  chin and jawline. . 

How does Sculptra work?

The product is reconstituted with normal saline and lignocaine for comfort. For  Sculptra is a course of treatments over a period of 6-9 months and when placed into deep dermis gradually improves collagen cells to rejuvenate and causes a natural fuller facial look.  Possible side-effects from Sculptra have been some bruising, facial swelling that most settle within 2-3 days. Occasionally small lumps may develop under the skin, generally not visible. These can be improved but may take some time to reduce, therefore regular post treatment massage is important. At your initial consultation an individual programme is discussed with full pre and post treatment advice. 

At your consultation and if  you decide to proceed , then a deposit is required. 

Treatment of Sculptra 

At your treatment appointment , photos will be taken , and a topical anaesthesia cream will be applied for your comfort. The Sculptra will have been already reconstituted and lignocaine will be added to the vial for further comfort. 

The treatment areas will be thoroughly cleansed and treated given via a cannula or needle . Post treatment you will  have your skin cleansed and then massaged for 5-10 minutes ensuring all areas are smooth.. 

Post treatment

Aftercare cream and advice will be given . You may be a little swollen, some facial redness and experience some facial numbness due to the lignocaine. , which does settle very quickly.. Any bruising may appear within 24-48 hours after treatment and Arnica may be applied . 

Important to follow all post treatment instructions especially massage at home twice daily when cleaning or moisturising you skin morning and evening. Skin care will be discussed to suit your skin type. 


Treatment result may vary from person to person.

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