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Results Can Last6 Months+
Treatment Duration0.5 - 1hr
Follow Up Appointment2 Weeks

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Dermal Fillers

Jayne does not use permanent dermal fillers , I only  use products that have been fully researched and tested and aproved by the regulating bodies in the UK

Dermal fillers are products that contain mainly hyluronic acid (that we all have naturally within our bodies) and when placed within our skin by injection technique lifts, hydrates and plumps out facial lines and wrinkles, facial contours and lip augmentation for a softer and smoother look.  Now we have an effective treatment to address skin laxity and not just the lines and wrinkles.    

There are several types of dermal fillers available and as the filler is absorbed , the treated area reduces over a period of time. Many people will have further treatment between 6- 12 months to maintain correctness. 

I like to have different products at my clinic to offer a full range to suit many people.  Some available are Juvederm  range //Restylane /Teosyal/ Profhilo and Viscoderm Hydrabooster  .( the majority of these products do contain ignocaine (a local anaesthesia) for extra comfort). .

At your initail consultation, a full medical history and all your facial concerns will be discussed. An individual treatment plan will be tailored to your needs. Before treatment photographs and a consent form will be required to sign. .All aftercare advice will be discussed.

Treatments with dermal fillers:

Cheek enhancement to create fullness and volume

Lip enhancement to improve shape and fullness of lips

Fine lines around the lip and mouth area

Tear trough to improve eye socket and dark circles

Eyebrow lift to improve shape

Nose Reshaping

Nose to mouth lines

Neck lines 

Hand rejuvination to improve hydration, improve some volume loss, soften lines and wrinkles for a rejuvinated look    

Volumising Products to create volume especially fuller cheeks are also available, please see Facial Volumising .

These include Radiesse & Sculptra that create volume to certain areas i.e. cheeks & definition to jawline. A course may be required and an individual  treatment plan is created according to your needs.

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Treatment result may vary from person to person.

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